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What’s behind the name Ziaja? Innovation and quality

Product concept

value for money – high quality at a very competitive price,
natural origin – the active ingredients used in Ziaja products are of plant and biotechnological origin,
sophisticated and high quality formulations – elaborated in accordance with pharmaceutical expertise coming from the experience in production of medical ointments. 
ZIAJA means modern beauty care products, which are:

  • based on innovative formulas and natural ingredients of the highest quality,
  • produced according to the most modern technology,
  • clinically and allergy tested at the Dermatology Clinic of the Gdansk Medical Academy and other clinics in Poland as well as abroad (children's preparations are additionally tested at the "Pomnik Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka" clinic),
  • formula not tested on animals,
  • pH balanced,
  • the pharamaceutical production is compatible with the GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice For Medicinal Products),
  • products are packed according to the inner quality control system (marked with sign e,)
  • the company is environmentally aware - active participation in the "empty packing" recycling process - all the products have the "Green Point" symbol.

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